Autumn & Winter

Border & Container Fertilizers
12-2.2-16 + 1.4 Ca + 1.2 Mg

Pack size: 15kg

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Proven technology
Ideal for use during autumn and winter
Immediate response
Nutrients released for up to 3 months
Contains Polyhalite – a new naturally occurring mineral fertilizer mined in the UK

Suggested application period:
August to October
Turf Response:
7 days
Up to 3 months
Application rate:
25 – 35g/m²
Pack Coverage:
430 – 600m²
Recommended spreader:
AccuPro 1000


High impact controlled release fertilizer, perfectly suited for autumn and winter use.

Landscaper Pro Autumn & Winter application results in a slow, steady growth that helps prevent stress during the cold winter months. Using Landscaper Pro Autumn & Winter will help your turf start spring in good health and condition.

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